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Bravada Projects

Granite Mountain

The Granite Mountain property is located on the Battle Mountain-Eureka Gold Trend between the Pipeline Deposit 11km to the southeast, and the Hilltop Deposit 10km to the northwest.  The Robertson deposit is located about 5km south of the Property.  Bravada Gold Corporation can, through a mineral lease option agreement, maintain a 100% interest in mineral rights underlying the property and the right to mine any mineral resources discovered, other than turquoise.  In order to maintain the lease, Bravada must pay the owner monthly option payments and, should mineral production occur, a 2% royalty.

Bravada has identified a large halo of anomalous gold (maximum 1.46g/t) and pathfinder elements in rock and soil samples from the property.  Two holes have been drilled on the property, and weakly anomalous gold was encountered and altered dikes were intersected.

Most of the gold in the trend is hosted by calcareous sedimentary units of the Lower Plate, although significant gold deposits and occurrences do occur within the more siliceous Upper Plate rocks in the vicinity.  On Granite Mountain, only Upper Plate rocks are exposed at the surface, but favorable, lower-plate rocks should underlie these rocks.  Bravada has identified an Upper Plate calcareous siltstone on the west side of the property that may correlate with a silty limestone unit penetrated by a USGS hole drilled approximately 2km south of the property.   The intercept of upper plate calcareous rocks in the USGS hole was approximately 600m above the Roberts Mountain Thrust and, if the two calcareous occurrences correlate, the Roberts Mountain Formation may be intercepted at a reasonable depth beneath the Granite Mountain Property.

Agnico Eagle leased the property from Bravada in 2006 and drilled 2 holes to depths of 524m and 293m.  Both of these drill holes stopped short of their desired depth and bottomed in Upper Plate rocks.  The deep hole (approximately 400m east of the shallow hole) contains 164m of non-calcareous argillite that is pervasively anomalous in gold and arsenic.  This interval averages 0.056g/t Au (high value 0.124g/t Au), 110ppm As and occurs from a depth of 360m to the total depth of 524m.  Weakly anomalous gold was also intersected in the shallow hole, but it did not reach the depth of the thick anomalous section encountered in the deeper hole.  Further drilling to depths below 2,000 feet is warranted.